Tips to Choose a Good Accounting Firm in Dubai for Your Medium-Sized Business

Most small businesses either outsource accounting operations to an accountant or hire an accounting firm in Dubai to manage their accounting operations properly.

But all accountants or accounting firms in Dubai are not equal. Some do their job properly, while others lack the skills to manage accounting operations of a business in the right way. So, you need to find a reliable accounting firm in Dubai to ensure your accounting functions are managed properly.

Here are five tips to choose that will help you choose the right accounting firm:

Ask about Certification and Membership

The first thing you need to check is the certification of an accounting firm. A registered accounting firm usually has qualified staff. If your accounting firm is a one-person shop, request your accountant copies of qualification and license. A good accountant would never mind sharing it. Certifications, qualifications, and license are usually displayed on the office wall of the accountant. Ask your accountant or accountant firm about the membership in national and international organizations of accountants. Active membership in various organizations proves the skills, updated knowledge, knowledge of current tax laws, and adds to the credibility of an accountant.

Look at Experience and Clients

Vast experience and clientele are indications of a good accounting firm. Ask your accounting firm about the experience in the industry. Do they have any prior experience in dealing with clients similar to your industry? Look for an experienced accounting firm in Dubai that has at least five to 10 years of experience. If it is a new establishment, make sure that they have experienced staff that has been working together for at least one to two years.

Read Testimonials

Testimonials and reviews give you a fair insight into the quality of services provided by the company in the past. Satisfied customers do not mind praising about the company. Have a look at the testimonials. Do they appear genuine? Are they from reputable clients? Read the reviews of the accounting firm on various reputable online directories. Check the ratings of the company. A reputed company has a long list of positive customer reviews, good ratings, and clients’ recommendations.

Ensure Ease of communication

When you are outsourcing your accounting operations, the role of communication becomes vital. Every now and then, you need to contact your accounting firm. So make sure your accounting firm has an open channel of communication and dedicated staff to address your queries. And in case of discrepancy, you should be able to contact the accountant working on your project quickly and get revert in the shortest possible time.

Ask about fee

Managing accounting operations costs a lot. So ask your firm about the fee. If it is offering services at far lower prices than the standard market rates, seek an explanation. If you don’t find a satisfactory explanation, most probably they have fresher accountants working in the firm. Look for accounting firm in Dubai that offers services at genuine price.