Why Public Companies Should Take Investor Targeting Seriously?

Investor targeting is a pivotal process of identifying and engaging the investors who can create value for your corporation and shareholder as well. It is not just about studying new potential investors who could be good-fits for you but also about contemplating and analyzing your own investor data. The sole aim of investor targeting is to curate a strategy for bridging the investor “gaps” and explore new possibilities.

But, first of all, you have to make yourself familiar with who are these entities that make up your shareholder base. Take your time and ask yourself.

Which shareholders are attracted to your stock and what can be the possible sources for this attraction? Are there any changes in ownership and why? Who should you add to your investor list and what corporate access strategy should you use to access them? Are there peers outside of your industry that has similar structures and stories? Assess which shareholders need your attention? Are there shareholders who need re-engagement?

Finding answers to such questions for investor targeting would help you understand your own investor landscape and learn more about your peers.

Exercising Investor Targeting Prior to Non-Deal Roadshows

Once targets are determined, important events such as conferences and non-deal roadshows are marked on the IR calendar. By exercising investor targeting, as a public company, you can easily evaluate events beforehand if attendance is important given the investors to seek. If it’s possible for you, find out the investors who don’t participate in the traditional conferences and contact them directly. This is a great way to demonstrate how your IR team proactively thinks and acts for corporate access.

Having access to profiles and other valuable data of investors can greatly help you prepare for investor meetings and non-deal roadshows. Thereby, it allows you to save your valuable time that you can utilize for developing and maintaining quality engagement. Discuss with your IR team and C-suite how you can cater to the needs of investors and shareholders by sharing the available information.

Strategies and Tools for Investor Targeting

Successful investor targeting can be expected only if it is conducted with a thorough and pensive approach. So, check out what you should involve for investor targeting.

Implement internal processes to analyze and evaluate investors.
Map out result-oriented strategies for communication.
Plan meetings to implement discussed strategies.
Scour new ways to log every activity and track the targeting process.
Churn out the most important pieces of information and create a comprehensive strategy for targeting activities internally.
Assess your existing targeting activities and optimize them.
Don’t ignore the sources of captured data.
Keep an eye on constant data updates
Review your own investor structure as well as the available data of your peers.
Though the ultimate goal of investor targeting activities is to spot and engage the right investors for a public company, it involves analysis that may help you better for events such as roadshows and be compliant with all data security policies. So, start taking investor targeting seriously if you want profitable shareholders in your community without violating any rules.

Tips to consider for Car Insurance Renewal in UAE

UAE is regularly witnessing road accidents even though the RTA authorities, are taking maximum measures to improve the traffic snarls, blocks, and jams. Even officials working in RTA Dubai have strictly advised all the car owners to ensure that their Car Insurance are renewed from reputed insurance companies. Renewing Car Insurance through online digital platforms is becoming the latest trend and car owners that own cars are showing interest to buy or renew their digital car insurance policy from reputed insurance companies.

Important tips that you should keep in mind at the time of renewing the policy is

Some of the important documents that you have to upload during the time of renewal in the online digital portal are Valid Mulkiya, Valid Driving License, Valid Emirates id and No claim Certificate from your previous insurer
Keep adequate funds in the banks and credit card so that you can buy policy hassle-free.
Follow the renewal instructions carefully before making the payment.

Car Insurance in UAE is a compulsory and driving the vehicles without valid insurance certificates or policy is considered a major offence that entails fines. Do not wait till the expiry date and decide to renew your Motor Insurance policy through our online digital platform and get your policy delivered instantly in your inbox. You can renew your vehicle insurance from anywhere through this state-of-the-art digital platform.

Car Insurance Policy will be delivered Instantly

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This digital broking firm which has gone paperless, offers the best services to all the clients and has partnered with Top insurance companies like Noor Takaful, New India Assurance, Oman Insurance, QIC, ALWathbha and more. You can quickly compare and buy car insurance policy instantly through www.insureatoasis.com which acts as a digital broker and give us exact Vehicle Value & Premium and not Indicative Value & Premium.

Important checks that you should perform after receiving the policy on hand are listed below:

Explore the fresh or renewal car insurance policies commencement and ending date and see whether there are any errors or omissions in those columns.
Check the policy receipts and details of payments.

There are two types of policies under the motor insurance category which are issued by reputed insurance companies inside the country of the UAE and they are Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL) and Comprehensive Car Insurance. The Third Party liability policy only covers third party death, injury and damages to belongings and does not cover damages to the insured’s car. Whereas, the comprehensive car insurance policy covers both TPL and damage to insured car. This digital broking firm which is highly company in policy servicing and claim settlement always stands aloft in customer management. You will understand the quality of the services extended by this digital broker when you explore testimonials, feedbacks, and other tweets.

Tips to Choose a Good Accounting Firm in Dubai for Your Medium-Sized Business

Most small businesses either outsource accounting operations to an accountant or hire an accounting firm in Dubai to manage their accounting operations properly.

But all accountants or accounting firms in Dubai are not equal. Some do their job properly, while others lack the skills to manage accounting operations of a business in the right way. So, you need to find a reliable accounting firm in Dubai to ensure your accounting functions are managed properly.

Here are five tips to choose that will help you choose the right accounting firm:

Ask about Certification and Membership

The first thing you need to check is the certification of an accounting firm. A registered accounting firm usually has qualified staff. If your accounting firm is a one-person shop, request your accountant copies of qualification and license. A good accountant would never mind sharing it. Certifications, qualifications, and license are usually displayed on the office wall of the accountant. Ask your accountant or accountant firm about the membership in national and international organizations of accountants. Active membership in various organizations proves the skills, updated knowledge, knowledge of current tax laws, and adds to the credibility of an accountant.

Look at Experience and Clients

Vast experience and clientele are indications of a good accounting firm. Ask your accounting firm about the experience in the industry. Do they have any prior experience in dealing with clients similar to your industry? Look for an experienced accounting firm in Dubai that has at least five to 10 years of experience. If it is a new establishment, make sure that they have experienced staff that has been working together for at least one to two years.

Read Testimonials

Testimonials and reviews give you a fair insight into the quality of services provided by the company in the past. Satisfied customers do not mind praising about the company. Have a look at the testimonials. Do they appear genuine? Are they from reputable clients? Read the reviews of the accounting firm on various reputable online directories. Check the ratings of the company. A reputed company has a long list of positive customer reviews, good ratings, and clients’ recommendations.

Ensure Ease of communication

When you are outsourcing your accounting operations, the role of communication becomes vital. Every now and then, you need to contact your accounting firm. So make sure your accounting firm has an open channel of communication and dedicated staff to address your queries. And in case of discrepancy, you should be able to contact the accountant working on your project quickly and get revert in the shortest possible time.

Ask about fee

Managing accounting operations costs a lot. So ask your firm about the fee. If it is offering services at far lower prices than the standard market rates, seek an explanation. If you don’t find a satisfactory explanation, most probably they have fresher accountants working in the firm. Look for accounting firm in Dubai that offers services at genuine price.

Marketing Consultant – 6 Qualities That Make a Great Marketing Consultant

Marketing consultants are those individuals who have in-depth knowledge in the field of selling. They create and implements action plans and marketing strategies to help their individuals or companies in selling their products and services.

Here’s how you can be a great marketing consultant.

1. You must have in-depth knowledge about your target market. As a marketing consultant, you must understand the behavior of your prospects and you need to know what motivates these people to make a purchase. Do an extensive research or maintain an ongoing communication with your potential clients so you can get a solid idea about their needs, demands, preference, goals, problems, questions, and other elements that can affect their buying decisions.

2. You must be creative. One of you primary goals is to capture the attention of your target market. You can do this if you are creative when planning a marketing campaign. You need to know what can turn the heads of your prospects and what can impress them. The goal here is to spark interest as this is the first step in making a sale.

3. Experience counts. Companies and organizations rarely hire marketing consultants who do not have relevant experience. So, before you go out there and offer your services, make sure that you already have a portfolio that will speak volumes about your expertise and your accomplishments. You can take advantage of internship programs that are being offered by advertising firms or work with other people that you personally know of.

4. Educational background. Although it is not necessary to have a bachelor degree, you are most likely to understand your target market on a deeper level if you have a degree in psychology or other related fields. You also have great chances in excelling in this field if you have a degree in advertising or marketing.

5. Learn from the experts. Get insider tips and techniques from people who have already made a mark on this field. Watch them in action or sign up to their seminars and coaching programs. Although some experts will not share all their secrets, the information that they’ll give out will usually be enough to get you started on the right foot.

6. Increase your knowledge. Today, there are so many books and online resources about marketing consulting. Read as much as you can and obtain more information that can surely help you become more effective in this field.

Marketing Consulting Firms – Revealed – 5 Steps in Putting Up Your Own Marketing Consulting Firm

If you are thinking about putting your own business and if you are an expert when it comes to online or offline marketing, you might as well consider starting your very own marketing consulting firm. As more and more entrepreneurs are seeking assistance in boosting their sales and revenue, you can be assured that you’ll be able to earn enormous money in this endeavor.

Here’s how you can put up your own marketing consulting firm:

1. Decide where you want to work. Depending on your target market and on your preference, you can work at the comforts of your own home and offer consulting services using the internet or your phone. You also have the option of renting a building or an office. Before you make a decision, make sure that you weigh all the pros and cons. Go with that option that is both convenient and profitable for you.

2. Licenses. As you will be operating a legal business, you would want to get appropriate licenses that are required by your city or state of business. Do your research or hire a lawyer to determine all the requirements that you must complete before you will be allowed to legally operate your new business.

3. Tools and equipments. Depending on the size of your marketing consulting firm, you may need to shell out thousands of dollars for your tools and equipments. If you need financial backing, I recommend that you talk to several banks and financial institution who have the capability to lend you the amount of money you need. You will need to present to them your business plan and a proof that you have the financial capability to run own business.

4. Personnel. Depending on the size of your marketing firm, you may need to hire professionals who can help you out in running your business. You may hire 2-4 marketing consultants, HR personnel, lawyer, accountant, and secretary. Make sure that all the people you are hire are competent and are on top of their games so they can easily help you grow your new business.

5. Finding clients. Once your business is up and running, it’s high time that you pull in clients. Advertise your services on TV, radio, and newspaper. If you are targeting the global market, use the internet as your marketing medium. Create your own website that contains all the information about the services that you are offering and drive enormous traffic to it.

Global Investment Consulting – 4 Profitable Secrets to Advance With Global Investment Consulting

Global investment consulting refers to the service offered to foundations, trustees, individuals, and corporations who are putting their money offshore or buying stocks from outside their countries. Global investment consultants may offer the following services; planning, strategy, implementation, and structure of ongoing portfolio management. The aim is to make sure that their clients will profit as much as possible from their global investments.

Here’s how you can advance in global investment consulting:

1. Communication is the key. Establish a clear and ongoing communication with your clients. As a consultant, you need to know the financial goals of your clients so you’ll know exactly what to advice them regarding the things that they need to do in regards to their investments. Keep them posted on relevant issues that can affect their investment. You can send them email or give them a call to give them up-to-date information — they’ll appreciate it.

2. Strengthen the image of your company. If you are the one running the consulting firm, you need to make sure that you project a professional image in the business world. Your clients and your prospects will surely check on your products and services, financial activity, history of your company, changes in your leadership, and even your speeches in public spaces. As you would surely want to win their business, you would want to make sure that they’ll be impressed with everything they see or hear about your firm.

3. Keep your clients posted. There are so many elements that can affect the investments of your clients like political stability, military coup, and other activities that my affect commercial business pursuit. You will need to keep your clients posted about these things so they can make well-informed decisions about their investments. It would also help if you can urge them to read the news or get copies of local newspapers so they’ll know what’s going on in the country where they have put their investments.

4. Offer excellent recommendations. You must be extremely knowledgeable about stock market in order to do this. Offer your clients with recommendations/advices as to how they can grow their investment even if they are not asking for it. As someone who is knowledgeable in the business, your clients will surely follow your recommendations so make sure that you offer them with well-informed suggestions. Explain to them the risks (if there are any) and possible gains.

Consulting Companies – 3 Great Secrets to Set Your Consulting Company Apart From the Rest

To date, there are thousands of consulting companies operating from all points of the globe. Although the demand for consulting services is relative high, it is still a struggle for other consulting company owners to attract clients due to the stiff competition. This is the reason why most of them are trying to set their company apart from the rest to make the process of boosting their sign-ups a lot easier. If you are one of these people, here’s what you need to do:

1. Take good care of your employees. If you want those people who are working for you to really do their best in serving your clients, you need to make sure that they are well taken care of. Aside from giving them competitive salary, it would also help if you can give them benefits that they will be extremely happy about. You can offer them with comprehensive medical insurance, ample vacation and sick leave, employee reward programs, etc. In addition, you will also need to shell out your dollars to give these people all the training that they need so they’ll become more competent.

2. Take good care of your clients. Always keep in mind that these people are the backbones of your business so it is a must that you go out of your way to make sure that they are happy and satisfied. Start by treating them right the first time they contact you or when they make inquiries. Respond to their emails for no more than 24 hours and make sure that they’ll be able to talk to a human being when they give you a call. Ensure that your front liners or your customer service representatives are well trained to give value to these people even before they sign up to your services. Then, strive to give these people more than their money’s worth by offering them the kind of consulting service they need and so much more. If needed, throw away additional products and services that can enhance their buying experience.

3. Learn to say no. Some consulting companies take in so many clients even if they don’t have the enough resources and manpower to handle several projects. The problem in going this route is that you decrease your chances of giving your clients with high quality service. When this happens, these people are most unlikely to do repeat business with you. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Consultants – Latest 5 Efficient Tips for Aspiring Consultants

This article is created specifically for those aspiring consultants who are virtually clueless as to how they can get started in the field of consulting. These latest 5 efficient tips are for you:

1. Plan ahead. If you are one of those people who would like to go solo, it is highly recommended that you create clear and very specific action plan as to how you’ll run your consulting business. You might need to get formal education (example; business management) in order to do this. Getting someone to mentor you who have already succeeded in this field can also help.

2. Outsource. Most consultants who are starting out do not have the money to hire bookkeepers, assistants, or secretary. If you are one of them, I recommend that you outsource your administrative tasks without spending a fortune. How do to that? Well, the answer to this is very easy; visit freelancing sites and hire people from across the globe (where the labor is relatively cheaper) who can help you out. The key here is really spending time to find someone who is really competent and dedicated. Most freelancers these days are charging $2-$10 per hour.

3. Commitment. Being a consultant doesn’t necessarily mean having easier job compare to your previous 9am-5pm job. This may require you to work for more than 8 hours per day (depending on the number of your clients) and this may result to more pressure. Although quitting might sound enticing at some point, bear in mind that all of these are part of the job. Before you sink your teeth into this field, make sure that you offer 100% of your commitment to increase your chances in succeeding.

4. Great communication. Keep in touch with your paying customers until you have successfully completed their project. Give them all the means to contact you (phone, email, instant messages, website, etc.) and make sure that you respond to them ASAP — this would mean not more than 24 hours. Keep in mind that a well-updated customer is generally a happier one so always keep them in the loop.

5. Put everything in writing. Protect yourself by documenting everything. Miscommunication can happen at any point and you surely don’t want to take the blame so get your clients to sign written agreements. Your documents can help you minimize disasters and can guide you all throughout. In addition, this can save you time and can help you avoid disagreements with your clients in the future.

Writing a Business Plan Effectively for Free

Writing a business plan can seem like a big, stressful project but can often be easily written with lots of free resources! By starting off with a sample business plan and then expanding on it with free resources from local community centers, libraries, seminars, and the internet, you can develop a great business plan that truly stands out and showcases your own voice and vision.

Writing a business plan can be a daunting activity if it is the first time you’ve tackled such a detailed,Guest Posting thorough project. Too often, entrepreneurs rely upon templates or a sample business plan as an example for their own proposal, and in the process lose the creativity and energy that they have about their idea. There are many options for writing a persuasive and effective business plan without spending a lot of money on a writing coach, proposal writer, or additional resources.

Web Resources

Chances are, you’re already relied on the internet to gain guidance about projects you’ve never done before, or looked up instructions for a complicated process. There’s a lot of information online about writing a business plan and you can easily find a sample business plan, but not all of that information is quality, or worth your time. So how do you effectively search for web resources that will actually help you instead of wasting your time? Much like any kind of internet research, the tip is to begin by using only credible resources. In addition to searching for “writing a business plan”, or “sample business plan”, type in “business school” as well. Many business schools around the nation have free, available information for the public on how to write a business plan. They may include links to area-specific resources, or provide tutorials or downloads for a sample business plan.

Another great resource for writing a business plan is your local Small Business Administration center. Most major cities have these types of small-business assistance resources, either in a brick-and-mortar office or online. These SBA websites almost always offer comprehensive resources for start-ups like a sample business plan, business plan development ideas, events, counseling and training services, and local resources. Check to see if your SBA website has free, online business planning webinars. Even if you local chapter doesn’t offer them, you can easily find a website in another region that does. These online seminars are typically self-paced, 30-minute long resources that help you understand the components of writing a business plan (which provide much more insight than a simple sample business plan), and may be offered in a variety of languages.

Podcasts are another web resource that not many people think of when they think “business plan”. True, you don’t get the same visual education from a podcast as you do from a webinar, but listening to someone describe the process might be just what you need to motivate you while on a long commute, at the gym, or sitting at home. And with a lack of visual information, they might seem less overwhelming than looking at an online presentation or sample business plan.

Books and Printed Material

The internet is a fantastic resource for writing a business plan, but for some people, nothing beats a good old-fashioned book. Your local library has entire sections dedicated to the multiple aspects of business development, and you can be sure to find several books about how to write a business plan. Best of all – these are free! If your local branch does not have the book you’re looking for, check the catalog and request a book transfer. Sometimes, the perfect books about writing an effective business plan or ideas for a sample business plan are just an inter-library loan away.

Be sure to check out your local college library as well. Often, academic libraries will have more comprehensive business planning books than local libraries, and may offer a wider selection of in-depth materials regarding not only writing a business plan, but strategizing how to continue with your business development afterward. Keep in mind that many university libraries are open only to students, so call the resource desk before you make a special trip onto the campus.


If you do have a SBA resource center in your area, check their calendar of events to see if they offer periodic classes or workshops, or can help you rework a sample business plan. Often, an SBA will offer a class dedicated to writing a business plan – at no cost! The advantage of attending a live seminar as opposed to an online seminar is that you can often ask the facilitator questions at the end which you can’t do online. Typically, the person leading the course is a professional with years or decades of experience crafting effective business plans. They’ll likely be able to assist you with tips, tricks, and shortcuts to develop a plan.

Finally, it’s important to consider that when you’re writing a business plan, you don’t want to cut corners or rely on a sample business plan from a book or website. The business plan is a representation of your professionalism and your desire to succeed, and the quality of your content should reflect this. So while tips and tricks are good for making the most out of your time and resources, it’s never a good idea to gloss over important aspects of your plan – namely, the quality of your writing. While writing a business plan necessitates the inclusion of facts, figures, numbers, graphs, financials, etc., the narrative surrounding the why of your proposal is what will likely draw people into helping you achieve your vision. Do you sound passionate about your product? Do you sound knowledgeable? Does it sound like you have what it takes to not only start your business but develop it and work through anticipated and unseen challenges? No? Does it sound like you relied on a sample business plan instead? Well it may be a good idea to check out some of the writing seminars available for assistance with writing a business plan. Many of these seminars do cost some money, although others can be attended for a very nominal fee. Courses like these can help you find your “voice” and deliver a more compelling proposal.

The most important thing to consider when writing a business plan is to take your time, be thorough, be accurate, and above all, believe in yourself and your product. Don’t just rely on a sample business plan, create a proposal that you’re proud of, and that you are convinced will compel others to help you realize your dream.

How a Business Plan Writer Can Grow Your Business?

Business Plan writing is not science—it’s art and craft.

Going into business without a business plan is like going on a mountain trek without a map or GPS support – one will get lost and starve! If a person is serious about business,Guest Posting planning is critical to his success. The foundation of an organization is a well-thought-out and documented business plan. A business plan is a guide, a road map for any business that outlines goals and details on how to plan to achieve the goals. It plays a critical role in launching a profitable and sustainable venture.

The best way to predict the future is to replicate it. The role of a business plan in the growth and success of the business is a proven fact. When it comes to business plan creation, the role of a creative Business Plan Writer to streamline and meet today’s needs to accommodate faster-moving, leaner business becomes important. The business plan permits the entrepreneur to the investment process. A comprehensive, well-thought-out business plan is essential to the success of entrepreneurs and corporate managers. It includes company identity, product development, market analysis, marketing strategy, employee management, and sales. The business plan incorporates the elements which become the support pillars of the business empire.

Not examining the context for planning has side effects. Two findings stood out. The growth-oriented entrepreneurs are 7% more likely to plan. While those with innovative, disruptive ideas are also more inclined (4%) to plan than their peers. The inference is that planning is of more benefit when the challenges are greater. The entrepreneurs seeking external finance are 19% more likely to commit their vision to paper than those not seeking finance. Writing a plan can make the difference when it comes to realizing start-up success. A Business Plan Writer paves the path of turning an entrepreneur’s vision into tangible actions by promoting the organization and direction of start-up activities.

A business plan may vary depending on the audience. A good business plan will identify the target market and then create a plan. A plan written for colleagues and partners to expand an existing business is more operational than financial. In a plan written for a bank, the most important aspect to the bank manager will be all financials. If a business plan is for a venture capitalist, the most important factor in a decision to invest in a company is the quality of the people. But, in real estate, where the three biggest criteria are location, location and location plan changes. A skilled Business Plan Writer creates a specific, and realistic business plan keeping all the business needs in mind.

As said, one must write the principles in pen and business plans in pencil. A business plan requires continuous editing and refining over time. The best way to extract value from a business plan is to use it as an ongoing management tool. A business plan needs constant revision to reflect current conditions and new information on the business. A long business plan is a huge hassle to revise, so a lean and creative business plan is a good idea. A professional Business Plan Writer presents and justifies the ongoing and changing resource requirements, marketing decisions, financial projections, production demands, and personnel needs in logical and convincing fashion. A strategic business plan offers a competitive edge to a company. A well-written business plan can do wonders to achieve the growth and security of the business.