Entrepreneur Consultant: Power of Your Intention

Today we are going to talk about the power of your intention. Every business that is built has a reason for its existence and this reason determines the path the business will take to achieve its goals. Your business can only be as unique as its intention.

What I believe. I believe in your intention to create the kind of consulting business no one has ever seen. Your goal is to create a business that gives advice in a different way to a different audience. You are trying to elevate your art form by being more valuable, not just more intelligent. I understand you’re trying to do consulting differently and I believe in the picture you have created.

Why I believe it. I believe you are an expert. You have the experience and background that gives particular insight into you marketplace. I believe you plan to use your insight for good. I also know that you’re irritated. You have seen so many other experts do the same thing repeatedly and their approach adds little value. You aren’t impressed that the status-quo gets reinforced year after year with no real movement in the marketplace. You know it’s time to shake it up and you know your company can do it.

Being in business means more to you than just the money itself. You could’ve taken a more lucrative path if you wanted, but instead you chose a path that has meaning in it. At the same time, you understand that being a responsible business means making a profit. You plan to continue your profitable ways, but you also understand that there needs to be some substance in your business if you are going to stay excited.

Relevance to you. I realize that you are not a normal consultant. You don’t give normal advice and you don’t work with normal clients. You created your business to have a specific impact on the world. That’s a different kind of intention and as a company we know your kind of intention requires a different kind of care.

At the same time, you understand that the typical business, marketing, and management advice will not satisfy your desire to grow. You know you need something different. Perhaps you already have grasped those basics, but you’re looking for the next level of insight to help your particular kind of business grow. We understand that the support you need is more than just informative resources. Your business needs to be cultivated and that is why we include measures of accountability into our programming. We want to be sure the cultivation process happens. Your business should get a little better quarter after quarter, year after year.

Your intention has the power to make a difference in your chosen path. The more unique the intention you choose, the more unique the care needs to be in order to push your intention forward in the right direction. We accept the responsibility of working with you as you build your awesome consulting business.